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Optimization Is A Process, Not A Project

To really maximize your ad spend, and squeeze the  best possible results out of it, you need to continuously optimize your campaigns. Digital optimization is not something you do once and then sit back and wait for results. When done right, the optimization process should look something like this:

1. Create the Campaign

set up keywords, ads, landing pages, etc.

2. Test

refine campaign, adjust bids, A/B split test

3. Track

track conversions, goals, etc.

4. Adjust

remove ad spend from under performing sources and re-invest into the profitable sources

5. Repeat

continue to drop under performing keywords and invest in the performers

Your Full-Service Digital Marketing Solutions


    Display advertising, audience and behavior targeting, social media, Facebook, mobile advertising and much more.


    Our Email Marketing platforms offer support for complicated, high volume campaigns that easily integrate with most platforms.


    We build every type of marketing funnel your business needs to grow.


    Google Adwords, Bing/Yahoo, 7Search and more.


    Exceptional support and cutting edge technologies propel our solutions, custom built for your products. Focus on your products and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • SEO

    Our Search Engine Optimization methodology adheres to the latest search engine guidelines and best practices.

Customer Testimonials

"We've been working with Pro Response Media for over 9 years and during that time, they have generated over 140,000 leads, 50,000 sales and have grown our e-commerce business using their custom digital marketing strategies."

Joe Brockhoff, CEO, Gulf National Enterprises

“The main difference I see in PRM  is that the leads are more qualified. I would estimate 80% of the people I called had already been to my website and registered for a live online WBE session.”

George Merrigan

“Pro Response Media leads are well informed of my business  prior to making my initial phone call. This makes it easier for me because there is less information I need to cover. The lead capture movies used by Pro Response Media were more informative and generally more captivating then other companies I have used.”

Scott Paterson

“We chose Pro Response Media as our provider because of Jason Cole’s proven ability to deliver the most powerful campaigns and the highest conversion rate of any of the providers we have worked with in our 5 years in business.”

Synergy Marketing Group

“I noticed a distinct difference in the quality of Pro Response Media over those I have used in the past. I have tried other companies and PRM’s customer service is superior, if I have a problem they are willing to work with me and address it. I have not experienced this with other companies.”

Lorna Shackell

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